What Are White Ink Tattoos?
What Are White Ink Tattoos?
by on 13.03.2020

Getting tattooed is not a novelty anymore, and we can see the rise of different tattoo styles all around the world. It is not difficult anymore to get a job if you have tattoos, so people are a bit more courageous to experiment with them. Recently, we have seen a new trend in the tattoo industry – white ink tattoos. We have gathered a few important facts about the white ink tattoos and what you should consider before getting one.

Is it really white?

Even though the name implies that you will get a white ink tattoo, in reality, it can be a combination of colors. Most photos that you see online of white ink tattoos are fresh ink. With time, some people reported that the white ink fades away, as it happens with any tattoo. Others reported their white ink tattoos to turn pinkish, beige or even yellow. This happens due to the sunlight exposure of the tattoo, so if you live in a sunny region, your white ink tattoo can turn yellow. Due to the complexity of white tattoos, not all artists will want to white-ink their clients. If you happen to find one who agrees, make sure they can show you some of the previous white ink works. If the tattoo fades faster than you expected, you will have to contact the tattoo artist and book another session to retouch the ink.

Different skin color

Some people think that if they have a darker skin tone, they will have more success wearing a white ink tattoo. As research shows, both dark skin tones and pale skin tones can have the same success rate of white ink tattoo showing on their skin. Basically, it is not about the skin color, it is about the experience of the tattoo artist. The artist has to understand what colors to mix to reach the white color that would show up on all the skin tones. If you are heavily tattooed or you are thinking of getting a white ink tattoo near your existing ones, think twice before doing that. The white can easily blend with another tattoo if it is near. As a result, you will end up with an older tattoo being distorted. So, again make sure you choose a qualified tattoo artist.

Taking care of white ink tattoo

As with any other tattoos, the care routine is the same. Make sure you do not consume any alcohol 24 hours prior to your tattoo session. Before your appointment, have a good night’s sleep and eat properly. If you are afraid of needles or getting tattooed, take a friend with you for the support. During the session stay hydrated and you can also consume dark chocolate. After the tattoo session makes sure you have bought the ointment treatment for the next two weeks. Consult your tattoo artist when you need to take off the bandage. Let your skin do its thing, and within the next two weeks, you will have a new tattoo added to your collection!


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