Trendy Tattoos
by on 05.09.2017

Tattoo trends come and go, everything from infinity signs to the traditional “mom” tattoo. There is always a new hot trend in the tattoo industry, and once it becomes popular you will no doubt see it popping up on celebrities and individuals all around the world. Add in the massive effect that social media and the celebrities of today’s generation have on the trends of today’s youth tattoo trends have sky rocketed lately. People, like Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber showing off their new ink all over the online world. Causes people to flock to their local tattoo parlour to mimic the latest trends. What if you want to be on trend this year and add to your tattoos? Well here are the latest trendiest tattoos for 2017.

Thin lines

This year thin lined pieces have been everywhere! Simple, delicate tattoos have been posted all across Instagram and Tumblr. It fits right in with the minimalist of the world, super clean and classy! Perfect for those who don’t want anything to flashy or visible. A simple thin line tattoo can easily be incorporated into tattoos that you may already have. They can also be personalised, select something that is significant to you and that you’ll be proud to wear for years to come.

Traditional and Old school

Traditional tattoo designs will never go out of style, they are the heart and soul of the tattoo world. The grunge and edgy scene is full of skull tattoos and old English font, these tattoos have always been common, but lately they have become more mainstream than ever. Find a tattoo artist that specialises in traditional art and tattoos, that way you will be sure to get a quality piece.

Script Font

Along with tradition tattoos script writing has been around forever in the tattoo scene. Whether it’s your favourite quote or famous song lyrics script writing looks beautiful on everyone and is continuously on trend. Another tattoo trend that you can very easily personalise. Choose a saying or expression that has meaning to you, one that you will want to carry with you for years to come. Don’t select a font that is too intricate as it may be hard to read and look weird. There is nothing worse than having to continually have to explain or read your tattoo to people over and over again. Making the right font selection can make all the difference. Better yet have someone dear to you write it out and use their handwriting, that is something you will treasure forever.

Stick N Poke

Before there were professional tattoo shops on every block, there was just simple needles and ink. These hand-done tattoos have become a massive trend and have created a big buzz. People even starting business dedicated to hand done stick n poke tattoos. These hand-crafted pieces take a lot longer to do and are more tedious to say the least. They are oftentimes more painful as well, however, if done right they produce a beautiful and seamless result.


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