Top Tattoo Parlors in The United State
by on 28.01.2018

Are you thinking of getting your body tattooed, or you already have one and wants to get a new one? Finding the right place to get a nice tattoo may be a difficult task for you, but to make your search easier, these article is a compiled list of tattoo parlors in the United State, known for their creativity, artistic approach and custom works.


This is definitely one of the best parlors of our time. Owned by Mark Mahoney, a leading tattoo artist that has a career that spans three decades and the wave if influence on tattoos that came with them. All design from the Shamrock social club are inspired by high-art and low culture, an inspiration that had attracted people like Britney Spears and Fred Durst.


This tattoo parlor located in long Beach, CA was formerly known as Bert Grimm’s World famous Tattoo Shops, the oldest tattoo parlor in the United state with continuous operations. In 2004, a self acclaimed tattoo artist who has been tattooing for about 32years and had won about 500 lifetime awards, Kari Barbara took over the shop.


The Rising Dragon has been in business for more than 28years, featuring world class famous tattoo artists specialized in intricate design that includes creation of large-scale under water seascapes. Artists like Horizei from Japan and Paolino from Italy ate regular guests at this parlor.


This parlor was originally situated in New York Upstate until the owner, Kate Hellenbrand relocated it to Austin, Texas just of recent. Kate us dedicated to preserving the legacy of the great tattoo artist Norman Keith Collins, popularly known as Sailor Jerry. The studio only attend to people on appointments and they sell souvenirs, cards, stencils and some other items designed by Sailor Jerry.



This parlor is in San Jose CA, and it is dedicated to taking art far beyond the canvas of skin. This tattoo parlor is for the more committed users.


Owned and being operated by Mario Barth, who was born and brought up in Austria, a place where tattooing is not only frowned at, but also very illegal. He learned and devoted himself to the secret of the trade, not minding the risk involved, and he eventually opened two parlors at Las Vegas. He has since then won hundreds of awards. Celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Usher, Tommy Lee and Lenny Kraviz were tattooed by Mario Barth.


In Brooklyn lies the Three Kings tattoo shop, owned by four people and still striving so hard to ensure that apart from providing high-end work, the environment of the shop is friendly, comfortable and inviting.


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