Top 5 Tattoo Artists of All Time
by on 23.01.2018

Human has been known to have been in the habit of designing their skins since ancient times. Reasons why people perform this act varies from religious to culture, to personal pleasures. This act had been in existence since about 3300BC, and till date, it has never gone into extinction. In recent times, artists that are into the decorating if the body (tattoo artists) had been gaining recognitions, owing to their expertise in the areas of arts and body decoration continuously undergoes a change which are popular in the world. In this price, i will describe the top tattoo artists of all times.

  1. George Burchett-Davis

Popularly called “the king of tattoo Artists”, George, an English man, was very popular during his time as a tattoo artist. He was rusticated from school when he was 12 years old for tattooing his mates at school, and that made him joined the Royal army. He later became an expert at this and was very successful, becoming the first ever celebrity in the tattoo world. His fame was magnified by his tattooing of the Spanish king Alfonso XIII and George V the king of the United Kingdom. His lifespan was between 1872-1953.

  1. Jerry Collins (Sailor Jerry)

While he was being called Sailor Jerry, a name he acquired due to his travels¬† on the sea, not a lot of people knew his real name was Norman Keith Collins. He spent almost ball his live on trains and travels before he became a tattoo artist. Before joining the Navi at age 19, “Big Mike” from Alaska taught him how to tattoo using the hand picking method, while Tatts Thomas from Chicago taught him the act of tattooing with machines. Symbols such as snakes, eagles, cats, bottles of booze and “Aloha Monkey” are Jerry’s identities in the tattoo world. He lived between 1911-1973.

  1. Hendrikus “Henk” Schiffinacher

Born in 1952, this Dutch man nicknamed as “hanky Panky” was well known as a professional when it comes to the act of body tattooing. In Amsterdam, he owns a number of tattoo parlors, and he has also organizes conventions of tattoos. In addition, he is the owner of the biggest tattoo collection in the whole world.

  1. Paul Timman

This man began his tattooing on his friends after he graduated at the Art Institute, Cleveland where he badged a degree in glass sculptures. His ability to tattoo made it easy for him to secure a job at Sunset Strip Tattoo after he moved to Hollywood in the 90s. He has since because a an expert and a force to contend with in the tattoo industry. He is often referred to as “The Rembrandt of Sunset Strip”. Angelina Jolie, Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Affleck and other celebrities has enjoyed hand painted tattoo works from Timman.>list>reference.

  1. Filip Leu

This French Man began learning of art at 11, a very tender age, this enabled him to be able to go into fulltime tattooing business when he was 15years old.  Filip Leu embarked on a world round tattoo educational tour at age 17 in other to study more about other styles and methods of tattooing in other to expand his knowledge.


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