The Trend of Minimalist Tattoos
by on 08.10.2017

Tattoos as a whole have grown in popularity over the last few decades. What were once thought of a dirtier trend, perhaps one only for sailors and punks, has now become a popular fashion statement that men and woman of all ages enjoy. Long gone are the days when people would view you differently for having a tattoo, even more and more work establishments are changing their policies as to whether or not you can have a tattoo showing in the work place. Tattoos, like all fashion statements, go through trends. Even though they are permanent fixtures on your skin and you’d think people wouldn’t follow trends they do. Each era seems to have its own trends and styles when it comes to what is popular in the tattoo world, from Asian inspired, to nautical themes, to script writing. Currently the latest trend is minimalist tattoos, simple small and in discrete, the minimalist tattoo is quickly on the rise among actors and singers and just about everyone. You have no doubt seen small tattoos on people before, but the minimalist tattoo is growing in popularity for more reasons than just its size.

Part of the attraction with the minimalist tattoo is that they are discreet and easy to hide. You can have a small tattoo of meaning that no one would know was there unless you want them to. They can be hidden by your clothing or even easily covered up with make up for important events, such as weddings. Another draw to the minimalist tattoo is the simplicity in the design, you do not need to spend hours or even days deliberating over which design you will choose, having it drawn out and sketched over and over again until it is perfect. Now you can simple have a name, a geometric shape or perhaps a small animal outline tattooed. The simpler the design the better it seems.

While these tattoos are simple the meaning behind them can often be deep! Most people who get tattoos are getting them for a reason, for a loved one, a lost one, or another significant event in their life. Just because the tattoo is simple doesn’t mean the meaning behind it isn’t. At times to have an understated simple of what you want to represent on your skin rather than a larger tattoo that everyone will automatically know the meaning behind.

Tattooing is such a personal thing that no one person can tell you how it should be done, if you like a simpler design then perhaps the minimalist trend is ideal for you. If you like more intricate designs or more colourful pieces, then explore those options before settling on a final design for your tattoo. Remember that whatever you decide on the tattoo will be with you forever, so you want to make sure it a design you truly love and will be proud to show off, if you want to, or keep hidden for just you to know about.


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