The Rise in Popularity of Tattoos
by on 08.05.2018

Tattoo making art and getting tattooed has been in existence for a very long time in history. Over the time tattoo making art has considerably gained momentary prominence, followed by a subsiding and a gradual rise to the foreground again with little or no revival. A large number of societies and cultures incorporate tattooing as part of their norms.

Artistic Viewpoint

The artistic value of tattooing has declined over time, yet tattooing has remained and survived over the years as recognition for captives or animals in the form of letters or digits.

Today, tattooing is faced with so much discrimination. Many regards to tattooing as an act for only gang members and those who spent time in prison. However, in the early times, it was the men in uniform, the marines, air force, navy, and the army, the native minorities, the warrior class, the spiritual priest-doctors, and the sailors who had tattoos. People were marked permanently to be identified as a member of a special class, or a standard rite did among a race or a tribe, as part of a coming-of-age rite. The reasons and the period for each culture varied with the cultural group in question. Today, publicly known people and celebrities have succeeded in popularizing the tattooing trend. Generally, sexy tattoos are perceived as cool by most women and men likewise. The tattooing art has also been elevated into a form of art, being featured in some galleries and museums as a skin art. The fact that the female gender is also cool with having tattoos, on their body has contributed in making the field more acceptable among both male and female.

Present Day Popularity

In this present day, they are mainly two categories of people in the tattoo world. Firstly, there are the bunch of young adults and adolescents who just want to experiment the tattoo art and have a taste of what is like to wear a tattoo. This category goes for temporal tattoos which can be easily removed once they fade; they see the tattoo art as a teen’s thing. Secondly, the crowd of people who are crazy about getting a tattoo as a label they admire or even a celebrity they are a fan of, these categories are very serious about having a permanent tattoo on their body, regardless of the position or the size. Today, the tattooing art has experienced more commercialization, is now counted as part of fashion, and a sort of beauty mark for body modification.

Majority of women with tattoos say that tattoos make them sexier, more confident, and appealing to men, likewise, on the male side, men do experience some sort of attraction from body piercing and tattooing. The science behind this is unclear but studies show it is the truth. Conclusively, the amount of attraction and sex appeal attached to tattoos has considerably made the art popular and a trending to remain for generations to come.


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