The Best Tattoo Conventions across the Globe
by on 12.11.2017

As we quietly get into the summer, be prepared for lots of tattoo conventions as some of the best works of inks will be on display. Just like every other industry, the tattoo world enjoys some of the best get togethers in major cities all around the world. Tattoo artists in their numbers come together to celebrate two or three days of intense art, ink and all other side attractions. A tattoo convention provides diehard fans the opportunity to meet with their favorite artists and even get ink or two from them.  Some other fans seize the chance to witness some of the best works of ink and see the biggest names in the industry.

NY Empire State Tattoo ExpoIf you love tats and want to hook up with a lot of other guys that share your passion, a tattoo convention is just the place for you. You can start by checking out the conferences in your area; Tattoo conventions happen in almost all the cities in America. For better exposure and fun, you can check out the big gatherings that occur all around the world. Here are five of the most significant tattoo conventions in the world today:

NY Empire State Tattoo Expo

You cannot talk about the tattoo in America without mentioning New York. The Empire state is like Rome in the world of Tattoo and holds the most important tattoo convention in America. You would enjoy the presence of all the big tattoo names from the East coast, the big guys in New York and a long list of tattoo experts from all over the world. So if you stay in New York or nearby, you just can’t afford to miss out on this year’s edition of The Empire State Tattoo Expo. This convention is a must-see if you want to stay updated on the current trends around the east coast. You would also hook up with other fans and have a good time while you learn.

International London Tattoo Convention

Musink Tattoo Convention & Music FestivalThe International London Tattoo Convention is arguably the most significant tattoo convention in the world right now. Every year across the Atlantic, the best and most significant tattoo artists come together in London to celebrate the art in a 3-day convention. The convention usually doesn’t boost the big guns in the music industry. Most times it doesn’t even enjoy right media and publicity, but it is a ritual that all the big shots in the industry know and respect. So if you plan on enjoying a first-hand experience with some of the most significant stars in the industry and see some mind-blowing ink work, then you should be in this year’s edition of the International London Tattoo Convention.

Musink Tattoo Convention & Music Festival

This convention is a mixture of the best guys in the music, that, and street-racing industry. The meeting started off as a little get together of local tattoo artists and music lovers from Pasadena, Pomona and other significant areas in Los Angeles. But after several years of small-scale celebration, the convention is now a full-blown gathering of the biggest names in tattooing, music and classic cars collectors. The event is a three-day show of the best works of art, music, and cars. The event draws a crowd from all around LA, its surrounding and all parts of the world. You would enjoy some of the best works from LA, good music from local and international artists and see some hot supercars. This is more of a celebration, get ready for this year’s edition and enjoy three days of undiluted fun.

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend

In April of 2018 the next Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly show will be held, while this is not just for tattoos it does have a lot to offer. There will celebrity tattoo artists from all over the world.   As well as some great workshops for those looking to improve their skills. When you’ve had enough of the show you can head over to the slot machines or blackjack table and have some fun, before you head to the conference check out The Art of Maniliness to learn some gambling skills and then practice at Pokerstarcasino this way you’ll be prepared for the trip.

Berlin Tattoo Convention

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly WeekendYou would think that some of the best tattoo artists are from the U.S, well, you should check out Berlin. The capital holds one of the biggest tattoo conventions in Europe. The event is graced by a long list of legendary tattoo artists from all over Europe, North America, and even Asia. You will hook up with other diehard tattoo enthusiasts from all over the world and enjoy the various tattoo cultures from other parts of the world. Enjoy the multiple styles of tattooing from the realism to the traditional looks; you can even get a tat from these big guys and have fun touring Berlin.

Texas Showdown Festival

Texas Showdown Festival is a series of travel tattoo convention that takes place all around the states but has the grand event in Texas. The event boasts of various locations in the U.S. some of the best tattoo artists travel around for the convention. The event is a mixture of both tattoo and music, as the organizers include some of the top acts from the local areas where the festivals take place. You would also see some of the best tattoo artists from different parts of the country show off their best arts. You can check out this year’s calendar for the Showdown Festival and look for their stop at the city near you. You can also travel down to Texas and enjoy the grand edition of the festival.

Now you know some of the best tattoo conventions,  dust off your calendar and set up a list of this year’s meetings. You can pick one or two conferences from this list; you are sure to enjoy your trip.


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