The Art of Stick and Poke Tattoos
by on 22.10.2017

Stick and poke tattoos, often called hand tattoos, homemade tattoos or DIY tattoos can virtually be done by anyone as long as you follow the right precautions and guidelines. Safety is the number one concern when it comes to tattoos of any kind but even more so when you are doing a stick and poke tattoo.

Firstly, you want to make sure that you like the design of the tattoo, stick and poke tattoos are typically smaller than a machine done tattoo as they are more painful and more tedious to execute. As when getting any tattoo do not place the tattoo on an area with open sores, boils or and infection wounds. When you have desired upon the design start washing your tools and disinfecting the area. Wash your hands with soap and water before touching anything. If you have any cuts or wounds on your hands be sure they are covered with a bandage. Place down a clean towel or paper in the area that you will be working. Use a proper disinfectant to make sure that all tools are properly cleaned and do not forget to have gloves available to use as well.

Next prepare the ink, make sure you shake the ink for about a minute before filling the container and of course remember to close the lid tightly you do not want any ink spilling on to any other surfaces. Then fill another container with rubbing alcohol. Your work station should now be ready. Once you have all of your tools ready you will want to prepare the skin in the area in which the tattoo will be placed. First wash it with soap and water, then shave the area to make sure there is no hair on the skin. Then sterilize the area with rubbing alcohol, sterilize an area larger than the tattoo just to be safe.

Trace the tattoo design onto the skin with a tattoo pen or a new pen so as to not contaminate the area. Now it is finally time to start the tattoo. Take the needle from the packaging, carefully, and fill it with ink. Start poking the skin along the traced image on the skin. You will feel the needle break the surface of the skin, however, do not go too far and cause the skin to bleed. Start with the outline and then go out to the rest of the design. Remove excess ink from the skin with a cotton pad as you work on the tattoo. If the skin begins to swell take a break as this is not good for the design or the person. Once you have finished the stick and poke wipe it over one more time with rubbing alcohol and apply a bandage to the are to protect it. Be sure to dispose of all materials used that have come in contact with blood and disinfect those that can be. Aftercare of a stick and poke is similar to that of a regular tattoo, keep the area clean and bandaged until the skin has healed. Then go show off your new piece of art!


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