Tattoo Expos Around the World
by on 22.06.2018

If you are a tattoo fan, then you must be looking forward to this year’s tattoo expos around the world. Tattoo conventions are the perfect gathering for lovers of ink. You can use the opportunity to visit new places, make new friends and meet your favorite artists.

Sadly, it is difficult to tell which convention is worth your time, with so many tattoo expos available today, you need to carefully select the best conventions that would make your year. One of the best places to look for tattoo expos is the internet. There are hundreds of tattoo expos online with this year’s calendar already set.  To save you the stress of looking out of great tattoo conventions for this year, we present you a complete rundown of one tattoo convention you would love to be part of this year.

The Motor City 2018

The motor city is a popular tattoo convention held in Detroit, United States. The convention is held as a one big weekend party. The favorite venue for this amazing convention is the front of the General Motors Renaissance building, just in front of the Detroit River. The convention attracts thousands of ink fans from all over the country, but the locals are the most excited participants.

Featuring Artists

The major reason why most people set out for a tattoo convention to hook up with their favorite tattoo artists there doesn’t get to see regularly. The Motor City convention boasts a rich collection of superstar artists from across the country. Most famous Emmanuel Mendoza and Dave Tevenal are regular guest artists. You would get the chance to see their latest collections, styles and the current trend in the tattoo world. You could get to see other tattoo artists on the special guest list. Artists travel from different parts of the world also grace the convention.

Side Attractions

Another interesting part of a tattoo convention is the side-attractions. A typical tattoo convention happens like a party, with the various displays of shows, competition, and local music. If you get lucky, you may witness a real street fight go down on your side. People get crazy in conventions, but it is all part of the fun. You will also see lots of celebrities who are tattoo fans too. Good music, great food, and the party environment light up the Motor City convention.  Make sure you soak in all the fun and don’t take too much alcohol, so you don’t get knocked out and miss out special occasions.

The 2018 edition of the Motor City convention promises to be better than better. With lots of artists and celebrities already looking forward to the event, the convention is surely going to be great. Get your schedule together and prepare for this convention, you can make this convention your starting point for a tour across the country.  You can connect to other states and enjoy their tattoo expos from Detroit. One thing sure, you are going to have fun!


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