Tattoo Aftercare
by on 28.09.2017

It takes a lot of research and time to prep for a tattoo, it’s just as important to be properly educated on after care as well. Your skin is sensitive and getting a tattoo may cause you to have a reaction. It’s vital to know how to take care of your skin and the tattoo. Typically, when finished getting a tattoo they with clean and sanitise it then wrap it with plastic wrap while it’s still very new and freshly done. It’s recommended to leave the bandage on for 2–6 hours whole it’s still very sensitive. Most importantly, listen to your tattoo artist, they are the professionals and they know what’s best. They have years of experience and know exactly what products and tools to use. After you have removed the plastic wrap you want to gently wash and cleanse the tattoo and skin surrounding it. Hot water usually is more uncomfortable, it can open up the skins pores which may later affect the strength of the coloured ink. Make sure the products you use don’t irritate your tattoo or skin.

Using some form of anti-bacterial ointment or moisturiser, like Neosporin, is known to be extremely beneficial within the healing process. Washing and applying moisturiser 3 to 5 times is commonly suggested. Petroleum based products, such as vaseline are commonly used for the tattoo healing process. Keeping your tattoo out of the sun is extremely important and very suggested, the skin is very sensitive and should be treated as if it is an open wound. The sun could create permanent damage to the skin and produce added pain if it gets burned. It’s best to wait until the tattoo is completely healed before exposing it to the sunlight, which could be up to a few months. Over the first couple months your skin is extra sensitive and the sun will only irritate it more. If there is scabbing on your tattoo, it’s recommended not to pick them off, it’s been known to cause scars and permanent marks. Letting them fall off naturally is the best way to handle scabbing. After care is essential after being tattooed, making sure there is no chance of getting an infection. Staying out of swimming pools and beach water is commonly suggested by professionals, both exposing you and your tattoo to lots of germs and bacteria that could lead to possible infections.

Each individual’s healing process will vary, some may heal faster than others. It also depends where on your body you were tattooed; some areas tend to be more sensitive. Proper tattoo aftercare will ensure that the area is infection free. Resist touching or itching your tattoo, it can disrupt the ink and cause it to appear patchy. Avoid wearing tight clothing or scratchy materials, it will irritate the skin around the tattoo. Wear loose material clothing so the skin is able to breath and heal faster. Your main goal is to avoid infection and keep everything clean. These steps with ensure a pain free speedy healing process, so you can enjoy your new ink!


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