The Trend of Minimalist Tattoos

Tattoos as a whole have grown in popularity over the last few decades. What were once thought of a dirtier trend, perhaps one only for sailors and punks, has now become a popular fashion statement that men and woman of all ages enjoy. Long gone are the days when people would view you differently for […]

Tattoo Aftercare

It takes a lot of research and time to prep for a tattoo, it’s just as important to be properly educated on after care as well. Your skin is sensitive and getting a tattoo may cause you to have a reaction. It’s vital to know how to take care of your skin and the tattoo. […]

How to find the best tattoo shop

Getting a tattoo is an experience filled with all different types of emotions. Nervousness, excitement, and hopefully not hesitation. This is an extremely important decision, one that you must take seriously and not rush into. It will be with you forever, therefore you want to be sure that it is not something you will regret […]

Trendy Tattoos

Tattoo trends come and go, everything from infinity signs to the traditional “mom” tattoo. There is always a new hot trend in the tattoo industry, and once it becomes popular you will no doubt see it popping up on celebrities and individuals all around the world. Add in the massive effect that social media and […]