How to find the best tattoo shop
by on 19.09.2017

Getting a tattoo is an experience filled with all different types of emotions. Nervousness, excitement, and hopefully not hesitation. This is an extremely important decision, one that you must take seriously and not rush into. It will be with you forever, therefore you want to be sure that it is not something you will regret later. Make sure you’re 100% happy with your tattoo art and design. Finding the right tattoo artist and shop is a very important step in the process of getting tattooed. Do your research before committing to a place, making sure the work is done in a safe and clean environment. Tattoos can easily get infected and lead to other health problems if done in an unclean environment or with unclean tools. Taking time to do your research and learn a little about the whole process never hurts and pays off in the long run! Using an app like Yelp can be really beneficial while looking for the perfect tattoo shop. You can get a good idea if they are a well-liked business, read about other people’s experiences and see their finished pieces. Typically, on a tattoo artists website or company page they give a brief description of their background and experience. This information will help you get an idea of who they are and the work they do. It’s important to know this information and educate yourself before getting a permanent tattoo. Reading reviews can help you get the opinions and perspective from multiple sides. Social media has also grown a large tattoo niche, there are hundreds of accounts dedicated to tattoo inspiration. Most tattoo shops have their own accounts where you can see their work and get an idea of what your tattoo could look like.

When researching, look for things like pricing and what that artist specialises in. Some artists are dedicated to a particular style of artwork. Depending on what you want, find an artist to cater to your style and design! Expect to pay a pretty penny! Well done, safe, professional tattoos will cost you. The more popular and well rated the artist is the more money you’ll most likely be paying. If you want the best of the best, expect to pay a pretty large price. Chances are if a tattoo shop has unrealistic low prices it’s probably not safe or legit. Another reason why research is so important during this process. There are websites similar to the process of Airbnb which allow you to type in your location and it will give you a list of the to-rated tattoo artists and shops in your general location. It’s a great way to find tattoo shops and get a description their staff and artwork. The has a large variety of artists from all over the world. They also provide information on different upcoming tattoo conventions and tattoo art galleries. Overall, it’s key to do research and get multiple opinions. Educate yourself and take the time to invest in professional, high quality work.


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