How to Find a Reliable Tattoo Artist
by on 18.12.2017

Having a tattoo is sometimes what distinguishes the cool guy from the average guy on the street. Just like any product you are looking to buy what’s good and bad. Considering that a tattoo is going to last forever, it’s going to pay you a great deal to take time to find the best artist you can get. A credible tattoo artist spends about three or four years at an apprenticeship with a studio. To be sure that they have not learned just off the internet or attended an art school for six weeks. Here are some of the necessary things to look out for to ensure that you get the best tattoo from the most credible tattoo artist around.


When you are trying to get a real artisan, it is always best for you to take your time. Don’t rush into making a decision; tattoos are forever. The best way to spot a fantastic tattoo artist is by asking around; checking others who have tattoos and asking about the artist they went to, will always do. Word of mouth is a great and precise form of promotion. People are probably going to tell you about any bad experiences they may have had, so if you hear praise about an artist, take note that means they did a great job. Try visiting a tattoo studio that is close by, inspect their studio check out their work environment and check out their portfolio. Check online as most businesses are now having their own studio’s website or their page. Look over Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, tumbler, and others. Check out current tattoo directories and magazines so you will have a lot of artists to choose.


One of the essential parts of getting a tattoo artist is their skill level. Tattooing is very different to the drawing, just because someone can draw an incredible picture doesn’t mean they can tattoo. Do not give your body to someone with no tattooing skill. It takes time to master a skill and an art, talent plays an important part, but experience and proper guidance take an artist to a new level. You can check out for the ability of an artist by considering the following; lines (straight, stable, no wobbles and done with one pass), colouring or shading, do the outlines meet up? How well can they do tattoo scripting? Ensure that the tattoo artist consistently produces good quality tattoos as doing a complete tattoo needs experience.


Thought the major priority in choosing an artist is their ability level. If they have the best skill without a good work ethic and attitude, you may want to think twice. Ensure that they smell good. They are a nice person. They are considerate when tattooing so they won’t rip your skin off. They can hold a conversation, also ensure they are not on drugs or alcohol. Offer aftercare services, and offers touch up for a reasonable period because they want their work to look good.


Getting a tattoo from a professional with no regard for infection offers infection, blood poisoning, hepatitis and even HIV. Be sure that they have a serene and clean environment, the tattoo machine, needles, and other tools sterilized before you start your tattooing session. If you find an artist trying to compromise on your health; Stand up and take your leave.


Great tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not great, be sure to remember this.


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