How to Become a Tattoo Artist
by on 11.12.2017

Taking up a career in tattooing is fascinating. Tattooing is apparently a longstanding craft and form of creative art which involves body modification, drive in permanent ink for images and design on the skin. It is a fun job, and 95% of people doing it are happy with their job, and they make about $30, 671 annually which is a reasonable yearly income. If you are aspiring to be a tattoo artist, there is nothing to be discouraged about, as long as you have the stuff (art/talent) in you. For you to be a tattoo artist you should have all necessary creative and artistic skills required by clients; it’s what makes you a professional, and it’s what sets you apart from some guy with a tattoo gun. If you don’t yet possess all those skills and don’t know how to be a professional, trust me! It’s simple. This article aims to work you through the process and steps to becoming a successful tattoo artist. All you just have to do is to follow the highlighted steps below.


Although a tattoo artist as a profession does not require college degree or doctorate but to be a tattoo artist, you need your primary education. General Education Development (GED) or your high school diploma highly required plus you must be 18 years or above 18.


You need to sharpen and learn new skills before you can be a tattooist. You need formal art training, sharpen up your skills by reading books related to the craft like “Basic Fundamental of Modern Tattoo” and start practicing. Practice makes you better!


Before you can become a professional tattooist, you should be an apprentice. It is recommended by the Alliance of Professional Tattooists (APT), you are required to be an apprentice for three years. During your apprenticeship, you work in a professional’s shop, learn tattooing skills and designs. It is also a place where you will be taught how to use the tattoo machine. A contract is usually signed between you and your teacher stating the duration of your apprenticeship, and in most situations, you pay him/her till the contract expires.


You need to have a high and pleasant portfolio to be successful in the craft. Find clients, perform tattoo for people, give them your best and have positive reviews from all of them. Keep your portfolio updated and always give your client the best.


Apparently, one of the things that makes you successful in your career is having excellent social skills. Your clients highly require it. You must understand what they want and always pay attention to details; it is essential; you will be working with permanent inks.


What makes you’re your job official and what tells you are a professional is your license. A working license is required in most states before you can perform your craft. To get a license, you will be needed to take a 360 hours tattoo training with an exam that follows. It is not a long process. All you just need to do is pass the test, and you get a license.


Getting a license makes in official, but updating your license mandatory and it’s what keeps your license expiring. You will be required get some continuing education credits which are usually in the form of seminars and lectures. That’s all!  It’s essential and straightforward.


There is always advancement in every field of work; you must not miss out on the latest improvement. Going on courses and seminars relating to the craft is vital. They keep you updated. It also increases your chances of getting more customers.



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