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  • When you are going to remove some old tattoos that you no longer like, you need to know two things. Removal of a tattoo will cost at least 10 times more than it costed to get a tattoo, and the removal process is a lot more painful. But if you are already decided to remove […]
  • Getting tattooed is not a novelty anymore, and we can see the rise of different tattoo styles all around the world. It is not difficult anymore to get a job if you have tattoos, so people are a bit more courageous to experiment with them. Recently, we have seen a new trend in the tattoo […]
  • Tattoos as a form of art and as a way of meaningfully or aesthetically decorating one’s body have been around for ages; many ancient tribes incorporated tattoos into their lives to communicate messages and strengthen their identity. In the modern times, tattoos have become a fad to say the least. Few people have bodies completely […]
  • Body paintings with a deep meaning were very important to Celtic people. They believed that spiritual protection and guarding powers work throughout the symbols, as a result, those symbols were used in jewelry, clothing, and paintings as well. Authentic symbols of ancient Celtic culture are still very popular tattoo features in the previous Celtic countries […]
  • There are two types of henna tattoo, and the type of heart-shaped spray-on tattoo that are popular at beach resorts are not what we are looking at. The authentic henna tattoos are a form of Indian body art that have been around for centuries. What is Henna? Henna is actually a plant, and the distinctive […]
  • If you fancy getting your first tattoo then it is a good idea to do some research first, not just where to go and which tattoo artist you should put your trust in. But you need to learn the terminology so you can explain what exactly you are looking for. This will then not restrict […]
  • Some people wake up the morning after they have got a tattoo and seriously regret their decision. Their body aches and there is a drawing on the skin that does not represent in any way what they had in mind. Getting a tattoo for the very first time should not be a whim, and there […]
  • Getting a tattoo has never been more popular than it is today, there are more tattoo shops around the world then there ever has been and the industry is booming. For many people having a tattoo is almost a drug, it leads to the need of getting more and more, and this demand is certainly […]
  • If you are a tattoo fan, then you must be looking forward to this year’s tattoo expos around the world. Tattoo conventions are the perfect gathering for lovers of ink. You can use the opportunity to visit new places, make new friends and meet your favorite artists. Sadly, it is difficult to tell which convention […]
  • Today, the popular way to get rid of an old tattoo is using laser technology. Laser removal involves using high concentrated rays of colored light to target the tattooed spot of the skin; this laser light goes into the outer layer of the skin and is absorbed by only the inked part of the skin. […]
  • Tattoos and piercing are gradually pulling further away from the unprofessional stereotype in the United States and a majority of Europe. Majority of the hiring adults, define professionalism from the perspective of values; which includes personal character, work ethics, and your approach to clients. Consumer Preferences Most companies are of the belief that allowing staff […]
  • Tattoo making art and getting tattooed has been in existence for a very long time in history. Over the time tattoo making art has considerably gained momentary prominence, followed by a subsiding and a gradual rise to the foreground again with little or no revival. A large number of societies and cultures incorporate tattooing as […]