Colourful Ink Tattoos
by on 23.11.2019

Tattoos as a form of art and as a way of meaningfully or aesthetically decorating one’s body have been around for ages; many ancient tribes incorporated tattoos into their lives to communicate messages and strengthen their identity. In the modern times, tattoos have become a fad to say the least. Few people have bodies completely free of ink. Naturally, over time people got a little bored of the classical black ink tattoos that do not allow for complete artistic creativity. When tattoo artists started searching for ways to accommodate more individualistic and unique wishes of their clients, colourful ink tattoos emerged and gained popularity immensely fast. There aspects to these tattoos, however, that differ from what you would consider before getting a simple black ink tattoo.

Permanence and visibility

Permanence and visibility

Black ink tattoos, if not given by an artist who uses good quality paint, can turn blue. Colourful ink, however, has different issues to it. Some colours, for instance yellow, tend to fade to the point where the ink is barely visible and brown colours can gain a purple shade, none of which is desirable to say the least. When it comes to visibility, you need to consult your tattoo artist before you pick the colours of your tattoo. What you might fail to take into account is your skin tone; unless you are knowledgeable in this field, you might not even understand how certain colours will look like and whether they will fade on your skin. Colourful tattoos are highly individual in this aspect so make sure you talk to a person who knows what they are doing very well.


Why a great consultation prior to actually getting a colour tattoo is so necessary can be explained by the fact that if you end up hating the colourful piece of art on your skin, it will be a lot more difficult and time consuming to get rid of it. There is no one laser that can remove all colours, and thus it is obvious that removing a tattoo rich in colour palette can be a headache for a very long time since many appointments, potentially at different places, will be necessary. Also, although it might seem counterintuitive, shades such as yellow, purple or turquoise are a lot more difficult to purposefully fade than black, dark grey or similar.


All that being said, if upon exploring countless pages and works you discover a good artist to whom you would trust with decorating your body, don’t just jump into it. These days, most successful artists have social media accounts where they tag people they have done work on. Find some posts from back in the day and do not be scared to contact the clients and ask how their tattoos are doing. As a rule, a tattoo looks best just after having been done, and with colours you want to make sure that people are satisfied with the artist’s work years after (if they themselves put in the effort to take care of the tattoo properly). A sign that you found a great artist is if you see multiple pieces on one and the same person – returning customers are a living proof of satisfaction and quality.


That all being said, colourful ink tattoos are a powerful tool for making a statement, so do not hesitate and get one if they seem appealing!


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