Are Henna Tattoos Worth the Money?
by on 23.07.2019

There are two types of henna tattoo, and the type of heart-shaped spray-on tattoo that are popular at beach resorts are not what we are looking at. The authentic henna tattoos are a form of Indian body art that have been around for centuries.

What is Henna?

Henna is actually a plant, and the distinctive color is obtained by crushing the leaves then either water, oil or lemon juice is added to form a paste which then becomes the henna ink. As well as being used to color the skin this ink can be used to dye fabrics, nails and even hair.

Henna as Body Art

Traditionally used by women to adorn their bodies for celebrations, henna has been used for events such as weddings, Saints’ days, or even battles! A henna tattoo symbolizes beauty, joy, and luck. Like all tattoos, henna art represents many facets of life and spirituality.

Henna Artists

Henna Artists
Henna Artists

Henna artists are quite remarkable, they are following a tradition that dates back thousands of years that was not originated in a tattoo shop. Normally, henna tattooing takes place outdoors on a plain wooden table, with fairly rudimentary equipment and a few bags of henna ink. Even though henna artists are not registered, it does not mean that they are not highly skilled. Their real skill lays in their ability to control the weight of the henna bag and apply the precise amount of pressure to deliver perfect lines.

Why Opt for a Henna Tattoo

One very valid reason for opting for a henna tattoo is that it is not permanent. So, if you want a trial run to see how your permanent ink tattoo will look on your body why not first have it done in henna. If you don’t like it then wait a couple of weeks and change your design. This is a great way not to make a big mistake on your very first tattoo by getting something you may regret for years to come. By the same token, if you are looking for inspiration for a design, ask the henna artist to draw a design that she thinks may suit you, and you may have the inspiration for your next real tattoo.


Away from the tourist resorts and beach areas, henna tattoos are quite unusual. So, wearing a cleverly designed henna tattoo whilst walking around New York or London can cause quite a stir. Henna tattoos also have strong connections with religious faiths such as Hinduism and Buddhism which are extremely popular in street art at the moment. Plus, in regard to permanent ink tattoos, which are sometimes considered garish, henna tattoos are gentle and have a wonderful natural tone. In the end it is like everything in life, a quality henna tattoo will not be found on the beaches of Spain. But if you are prepared to go out and seek a properly trained henna artist then the finished result may cost more but it will be well worth the effort. 


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